After performing excellently at Oxford and Harvard, 24-year-old African Lady wins full PhD scholarship to US university

After performing excellently at Oxford and Harvard, 24-year-old African Lady wins full PhD scholarship to US university

A 24-year-old African lady named Vee Kativhu who excelled at Oxford and Harvard universities has won a full PhD scholarship to Claremont Graduate University in the United States.

Vee Kativhu is a girls’ education activist from Zimbabwe. She bagged her bachelor’s degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford University, England in the United Kingdom.

She also holds a master’s degree from Harvard University in International Education Policy. Vee took to Twitter to share her achievement of earning a scholarship to study her PhD at Claremont Graduate University in the United States.

”Today I’m moving from the U.K. to America, California, to begin my PhD journey at Claremont Graduate University for the next 3 years. WITH FULL TUITION FUNDING FOR MY WHOLE DEGREEEEE as the first YMAN SCHOLAR scholarship to support me for the full,” she tweeted.

Vee added that she will be earning her doctorate degree in Education Leadership & Policy at the university.

She mentioned that a teacher had advised her against applying to Oxford when she wanted to enter the university but now she is about to earn the highest academic level degree.


”I’m actually going to be a Dr of Education, a PhD holder, An expert in my field. Wow. The funny part is a few years ago my teacher told me I shouldn’t even bother applying to Oxford University for my undergrad because I wasn’t ‘good enough,” she said.

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Vee is a YouTuber, and the founder of ‘Empowered By Vee’, a youth empowerment organization. She uses her social media to share practical study advice and to empower other underprivileged and underrepresented young people from across the globe to recognize their own academic abilities.

In recognition of her efforts to bridge the gap of inequality in education, Vee was named a Diana Award Legacy Award Recipient in 2023 by Prince Harry and Prince William. She was also named a  United Kingdom Rare Rising Star by executive members of the British parliament.

She is also a Young Leader for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
(SDG). Vee was named a Diversity Champion by the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University while she was in the university.

Vee advised teachers, guardians, and individuals involved in children’s lives, to never discourage them from making a decision. She added that the fact that something has not been achieved does not imply that it is impossible to achieve.

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