Brilliant Nigerian Man graduates university with 4.57/5.00 first-class grade, wins best student award

Brilliant Nigerian Man graduates university with 4.57v5.00 first-class grade, wins best student award

A brilliant Nigerian man named Festus Adelana has achieved an exceptional feat as he won the best-graduating student award at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria with an outstanding 4.73 over a possible 5.00 first-class grade.

Festus Adelana bagged his bachelor’s degree in Soil Science and Land Management with first-class honors of 4.57 over 5.00 cumulative grade points. He was awarded the best graduating student of the Department of Soil Science and Land Management at the university.

Festus was an excellent student right from his first year in the university. In his third year, he secured multiple scholarships and was also awarded a scholarship in his final year by Bishop and Revd. Dr. Mrs. Felix Owolabi in association with FDaith Triumph Ministries, United States.

He mentioned that the scholarships eased his financial burdens and also established his commitment to his studies. Festus said that he partook in 21 different professional courses related to his field of study before graduation.

Festus stated that his academic pursuits extended beyond the confines of the classroom. While at the University, he attended eight conferences which he said broadened his exposure to diverse perspectives and the latest advancements in Soil Science and Land Management.

He mentioned that his commitment to attaining comprehensive education and broad expertise led him to cultivate a versatile approach to learning. He said he also has an extensive passion for his field of study which made him extend his learning beyond Nigeria.

Before obtaining his bachelor’s degree, Festus had earlier bagged a National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology at the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos state. He graduated the college with a magna cum laude (Distinction)

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Festus became a student member of the Soil Science Society of Belgium, where he demonstrated his commitment to global collaboration. He is also a member of the Society for Ecological Restoration, stating that he joined so as to align his academic journey with environmental sustainability and restoration efforts.

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